Welcome to Melbourne Neonatal Network

Melbourne Neonatal Network is a group of neonatal paediatricians who look after newborn babies. Most of our patients are born at St Vincent’s Private Hospital and the Epworth Freemasons Maternity Hospital and are referred to us by their mother’s obstetrician. Often we are required to attend the birth of a baby but sometimes we become involved with a baby’s medical management subsequent to their birth. We are then responsible for the medical care of each baby while they remain in hospital. We normally visit each of our babies every day. By working collaboratively as a group, we are able to provide sustainable and safe cover at all times of the day and night for all of the babies under our care.


After a baby is discharged from hospital, we continue to provide specialist care for our patients in the first three months of their lives (this is the duration of an obstetrician’s referral). Thankfully, most babies remain well and do not require any further care from us. However, some will need to be seen again in our consulting rooms as outpatients.


We also accept referrals of babies in the first three months of life whom we have not seen in hospital; these referrals are generally made by general practitioners and/or obstetricians.


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