Emma King

Emma has been working as a dermatology nurse practitioner at The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne since 1991 and paediatric dermatology nurse practitioner since 1995.

She pioneered the dermatology nursing role at the RCH and nurse practitioner model of care. She is acknowledged for her experience and expertise in paediatric eczema and dermatology, and in particular a strong expertise in children’s eczema management, molluscum contagiosum and nappy eczema.

Emma’s achievements and leadership in the area of nurse-led paediatric dermatology care has been widely recognised, including receiving the Royal Children’s Hospital Mary Patten Award, a Victorian Public Health Care award for workforce design and a Deakin University National Nursing Leadership award. Emma has developed numerous educational tools for children with eczema and provides regular education to Maternal Child Health Nurses, General Practitioners and Medical and Nursing staff in the tertiary setting. Emma is a mother of 4 children.

Emma is available for eczema, nappy eczema and molluscum contagiosum consults and will provide:

  • Thorough assessment.
  • Empowerment of parents with the skills to successfully manage their child’s skin condition at home.
  • Home treatment plan.
  • Demonstration of how to apply eczema creams, emollients, wet dressings and treatments correctly.
  • Emotional support 


Struggling with our baby daughter's eczema, even after months of GP visits, we discovered Emma King, a renowned baby eczema specialist, through our own research. Despite the distance, we opted for an appointment, and it turned out to be the best decision. Emma's comprehensive explanation and a swift, aggressive management plan brought instant relief. Her insights into the potential impact on our child's development resonated with us. The combined treatment and precautions effectively reduced flare-ups, and Emma provided a thorough food allergy plan for the future. Emma's expertise has been invaluable, and we're immensely grateful. Thank you, Emma.

Niharika & Varun