Dr John Mills is able to use his nearly thirty years of paediatric experience to provide an independent, fair, impartial expert opinion in a variety of medico-legal services.


Dr Mills has held appointments in several Neonatal Units across Australia and has extensive neonatal intensive care experience treating babies with a wide range of disease processes or congenital abnormalities. While completing his clinical training, Dr Mills became interested in research and completed a Masters of Medical Science in clinical epidemiology and biostatistics, and subsequently a Doctorate in neonatal respiratory physiology and ventilatory support. In addition to his private practice he continues to be involved in neonatal research, speaks at national and international conferences, and continues to take an active role in teaching medical students and midwives.


Dr Mills is able to prepare full medical reports with an additional option to provide paginated medical notes and/or a chronology. A standard chronology would provide a detailed overview of events. Medical terminology, jargon, abbreviations and an unduly technical description of the events will be avoided. Where this is necessary, a full explanation of all abbreviations and medical terminology will be provided. Generally he can prepare requested reports within twenty-eight days of receipt of instruction and medical notes.