Normal vomiting/positing

Most newborn babies regurgitate (or posit) a small amount of milk, usually immediately after feeds when they are being burped.  This is quite normal and needs no treatment.


Abnormal vomiting

Some babies vomit much more than normal, both in terms of the frequency and volume of vomit.  Many of these babies will have gastro-oesophageal reflux (GOR; also known as gastric reflux).  The majority of these babies have ‘uncomplicated’ or ‘simple’ reflux and have no other symptoms; they remain happy and healthy, and grow well.  No treatment is required.

Some babies will go on to develop ‘complicated’ or ‘symptomatic’ reflux, which can cause irritability and/or choking episodes.  Both types of reflux tend to present in babies at about two months of age but can start earlier in life.


Babies who vomit blood, bright green bile or are losing weight in association with vomiting, need prompt medical assessment as there may be something more serious causing the vomiting. Depending on the situation either immediately contact your GP or our consulting rooms or go to the nearest paediatric emergency department.